THE '80s
The 80's marked a peak in woman wearing hosiery a la Working Woman when sheers paired with woman's suits were the trend of the decade. During this time, machines used to produce hosiery were mechanical and offered limited possibilities as far as design and development of fashion patterns were concerned. Patterns were drawn manually by designers on graph paper and more fashionable colours were mainly used following seasonal trends.

The first Philippe Matignon article belonged to the Elegant line and it was the Oro 15 den tights followed by the Oro 20 and Oro 40 Extra Matte.

One of the first articles launched was Dorella 20, known for its glossy sheen.

Coated Lycra was the main innovation in the hosiery sector as well as microfiber, used in opaque styles such as Noblesse 15, 30 and 50.

In mid '80s, Philippe Matignon proposed the first stay-ups with lace band, now one of Philippe's Matignon's strong styles. Other notable articles launched were Oro 15 bas-jarretiere and Cristal 30 bas-jarretiere.

THE '90s
The upgrade in technology increased design possibilities and the number of fashion patterns for more refined and elaborate tights.

The Summer Line was launched within the Spring/Summer Collection.

Philippe Matignon introduces the knee high Premiere mi-bas, designed in two sizes for extra comfort.


Within the Fall/Winter Collection, Ideal Collant was launched with its signature invisible waistband .

The fashion line of Seduction knee socks and Seduction mi-bas Animalier with a spotted band was launched.

The first knee socks in natural yarns, Cachemire socquette and mi-bas, were launched as well as the subsequent introduction of items in the same category.

Philippe Matignon launches in the US for the first time and is exclusively distributed by Revival Brands, LLC.